Floating away in Thailand 

Jan 5 – Jan 18, 2017. Two weeks is not even close to enough time to spend in this beautiful country. But, it is what it is and we had a blast. So here we go.

Chapter 1: Flight from Chicago

16 1/2 hours from Chicago to Tawain and 3 1/2 hours from Tawain to Bangkok. This girl popped a sleeping pill, put her head back and went to sleep. I did not get up one time during these flights and I must say, I have mastered the art of plane riding and should receive an award for being the best person to sit next to on a fight. Anthony did better than anticipated.

Chapter 2: Bangkok

So here’s the deal with Bangkok…Take a day trip to Ayutthaya, see the original Reclining Buddha, check out The Floating Market, see a couple parks, go to the Grand Palace, and then LEAVE!! (All places mentioned pictured above).  I would never go back to Bangkok. It is dirty, sketchy, and obnoxiously busy. It is great to see one time and stay for a couple days, but it is far from being the best of Thailand.

Chapter 2: Chaing Mai

Night Market. One of the coolest parts of Chaing Mai and probably the best night market in Thailand.

Elephant Sanctuary. We had a great time. The elephants we were with were rescued and the people took good care of them. There are SO many places in Thailand that abuse elephants and use them for money. Tourists need to understand that and plan accordingly. If you are ever in Thailand and want to hang with some elephants, please go to humane places when booking an your tour.

The White Temple: Wat Rong Khun. One of my personal favorite parts of our trip. This was my favorite temple. It SLAYS the Grand Palace in my opinion. Major jaw dropper and a must see in my book.

The Golden Triangle. Where three countries meet. Amazing views.

Chaing Mai is one of my favorite places on earth right now. It is probably the coolest place I have ever been to. The night market is so much fun, the massages were cheap, the people were SO nice, and the views were incredible. The White Temple was outstanding. We were also lucky enough to see some hillside tribes and get a look at a more not so touristy areas. If you’re ever floating around Thailand, GO TO CHAING MAI!!

Chapter 3: Phuket

Day 1: You want a glimpse of paradise? Go to Phuket and then hop on over to Phang Nga Bay. We went kayaking through caves and actually had to completely lay down flat in our kayak in order to get through some of them. One cave was pitch black, but once we saw light again, we were heading towards a lagoon with the clearest water. We went to James Bond Island, Rang Yai Island, Kai Nai Island, and the caves in the middle of Ban Kalai, Phang Nga Bay. This was the most beautiful, thrilling, and relaxing day.

Day 2 in Phuket we headed off to Maya Bay. This day trip was not as exciting as Phanga Nga Bay but Maya Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can see right through the water and there is nothing but sand on the floor. We went jet skiing and snorkeling as well. Anthony swam off a little farther than he probably should have but he made it out alive!!!

After 2 full days in Phuket, we saw the most beautiful islands and bays, our skin was burnt to crisps and we were exhausted.

Day 3: We hired a taxi man to drive us around to see some common places, including Monkey Hill and Big Buddha. The monkeys in Phuket were so funny and nice. They were a little scary and tried to climb up my dress a few times, naughty, naughty!! By the time we made it to Promthep we were exhausted and done. We didn’t want to walk or hike or climb any more stairs. We enjoyed the view of the bay and headed home.

Chapter 4: Back to Bangkok

We ditched our hostel our last two nights of this trip. We had an amazing hotel room with even more amazing views. We then hit a popular sky bar in Bangkok and had some drinks. The drinks were over priced but the views were worth every penny.

Oh Lopburi, you crazy place. We spent our last day in Thailand on a 2 hour train ride to Lopburi, the town of monkeys. We were stoked after our monkey interactions in Phuket. But let me tell you, if you have the option to hang with monkeys in Phuket or Lopburi, do it in Phuket. The monkeys in Lopburi were and are absolutely insane! At one point there were at least six monkeys using Anthony and I as a jungle gym, jumping back and fourth from him to me. Those suckers are smart too. They opened Anthony’s backpack and tried drinking my hand sanitizer. We left quicker than anticipated, you can blame me getting nipped by a monkey and us being quite terrified after that. 

We finished our last night in Bangkok at our hotel pool. Enjoyed the pool bar and views of the city at night one last time. Thanks for everything, Thailand. We would love to come back.

Representing Hope for the Day everywhere I go. It’s okay not to be okay. #HaveHope

Would we go back? Yes

What would we do differently? We would skip Bangkok on our next trip. It’s cool to see the important parts but we definitely did not need to spend as much time as we did there. We would have spent more time in Chaing Mai and maybe explored some other islands. 

Coolest parts? In my opinion, it was all amazing. I thought the best parts were the monkeys in Phuket, feeding elephants, kayaking in the Phang Nga Bay Caves, seeing the White Temple and getting massages for what is equivalent to $10. 

Go see the world. Can’t wait to float away on our next adventure. Thanks for reading. 💜


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